Quality policy

Maskin Mekano's quality policy applies to the entire organization.
Maskin Mekano must constantly have an ear to the market and develop products that create value for our customers. The products we produce must meet our own, customers' and authorities' expectations and requirements. Through focused control, we must remedy deviations and implement continuous improvements.
Our goals must be improvement-driven and encourage us to develop. Our quality system must ensure the right conditions for achieving the goals and guarantee control and evaluation of our own quality work.
Our products must have a clear requirement specification, they must then be manufactured according to the requirement specification and checked against the requirement specification before they are delivered.
We must perform our tasks with accuracy. We must report opportunities for improvement and deviations. We must implement improvements and remedy deviations. We will measure the results of our efforts.
​​​​​​​Daniel Smedenman, CEO

Environmental Policy

The environmental policy applies to the entire organization. Every employee must be aware of the policy, and that they are expected to do their best to comply with it.
Maskin Mekano must strive to be an economically, socially, and climatically sustainable company. We must systematically work to reduce our negative environmental impact and protect the environment for the future.
We must focus on improving ourselves within the environmental aspects that have the greatest negative environmental impact. We must plan our operations to use resources as efficiently as possible and minimize our spillage and waste. We will choose fossil-free electricity. We shall use local suppliers for our own constructions as much as possible to reduce heavy transport. We must plan transport as efficiently as possible and use transport companies aiming for reduced emissions.
We will continue to develop products that help our customers produce materials in an energy-efficient way and highlight the environmental advantage of electric operation.
Our long-term environmental goals must be linked to Agenda 2030.