Feeder, feeding unit, vibrating feederFeeder, feeding unit, vibrating feeder
Mobile feeder on high jacking legs
Feeding unit VML 15

Container Mobile Feeding Units

Feeders BML 15 and VML 15

Using a feeding unit makes the production more efficient. A well designed feeder is essential for a smooth flow, cuts costs for diesel and manpower and reduces the carbon footprint. The the Maskin Mekanos high volume feeder range consists of BML 15 with belt feeder and VML 15 with vibrating feeder and are mounted on a hook lift chassis.
  • Hopper made of  Hardox
  • Feed in height 2.8 m
  • Wide loading area; 4 m
  • Self-cleansing hydraulically folded reject grid (optional)
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Foldable onboard stockpiling conveyor
  • Wheels for towing on site
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Feeder BML 15 -Pictures


Feeder VML 15 -Pictures


Maskin Mekano Feeder Videos

Feeder BML 15 -Drawings


Feeders -Brochure

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Feeders Specification BML 15/VML 15

  • Transport Length:    8.9 m 
  • Transport Width:    3.0 m
  • Transport Height:    3.2 m
  • Machine Weight:    approx. 16 tons (depending on equipment)

Advantages of all Maskin Mekano plants

Feeders -Options

  • High foldable hydraulic jacking legs
  • Foldable reject grid
  • Tilted foldable reject grid (for aggregates)
  • Metal detector with picking station
  • Heating in the feeder
  • Lighting tower

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